The year of 1998 was a breakthrough for anime to come out in the television screen. At least it was in Japan, and would later hit the United States in the early 2000's. With the television show of Cowboy Bebop, airing only twelve episodes and then getting the plug pulled for having too much adult content at the time. Later it was re-released with all twenty-six episodes of the original series. And thus a legend was born.

The television series was developed as an anime series that features a group of Bounty Hunters that travel around on their starship Bebop. Their adventures, misadventures and tragedies of the bounty hunters is what made the story so great. It later premiered in several Manga books and became the way Western Civilization would begin to view Japanese Anime. It was an instant success that took not only Japan by storm but the rest of the world as well. It received several awards even though it only had few Cowboy Bebop episodes. Bandai actually licensed the product for the United States which became a big hit in all of their themed products.

Later after the television series was off the air and the Manga series comics were instead running with Cowboy Bepop, a movie was released. The Cowboy Bebop movie stars the same crew as the television series as they try to stop a terrorist who has released a nasty explosion. The explosion has released a deadly virus upon the masses and it is up to the bounty hunters of the Cowboy Bebop to intercept and capture the culprit. You will not be disappointed when you watch Cowboy Bebop and it will bring you back to a great time in the past. A time when cartoons had depth, reasoning, and a story that developed the characters into who they were.

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